Native Instruments Komplete 7 On Cubase Pro 9

Komplete 7 does not specify the version of VST if it is v2 or 2.4. All I know is that it is compatible with Cubase VST5.1. I am wondering if anyone has tried this software on any more modern versions of Cubase.

Komplete 7 (and the other Komplete ‘versions’ too) shouldn’t be thought of like you would for Cubase 9, 9.5, 10 etc. being different versions. The Komplete packages are just bundles of titles you could buy individually (although at a much higher cost). And those individual items are regularly updated by NI to remain current. If you run Native Access every so often it will keep all those titles up to date. So for example whatever version of Kontakt that came with Komplete 7 wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be the version you are still running today, the latest being 6.7.1.

Thanks. I have had Komplete 7 in the box for years now and finally getting around to installing it. Are you saying that Kontakt 4 will update to 6.7.1 for free?

Well I can’t say for 100% sure. But I got Komplete 9 and whatever version that came with it has always updated free. If you’ve already installed it you could run Native Access and see what it says. It won’t change anything unless you tell it to.

And as always, having regular OS level backups of your computer is always wise.

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I hope this is okay to go a little off topic, but was Battery 4 a significant improvement over 3? BTW, Native Access is now only available for current products. I did find some information about legacy versions and how to update them.

Sorry, I can’t say - never really used Battery much.

I haven’t used much though I have it and had Battery 3, but a lot of people complained about several non-electronic libraries being dropped and other features missing.
Why NI Battery 3 Is Better than Battery 4

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