Native Instruments - Komplete - Install - Help.

I write this here cause you guys answer super fast.

I just bought NI Komplete 10. And im super stoked.

Im running in Cubase. Should I install the plugins to:

C:\Program Files -> Steinberg -> Cubase 8.5 -> VSTPlugins

If yes. Where should I install 32 and 64 bit? Installer says they cant be in the same folder, so what folder should I chose for 32bit if I use the VSTPlugins for 64bit?

NB: I would normally just install it on default - But the installer says: You should select the folder that your specific host sequencer uses to store its VST Plug-ins. -

Isnt that Cubase(C:\Program Files -> Steinberg -> Cubase 8.5 -> VSTPlugins)?

The default setting is: 64-bit plug-in version: C: > Program Files > Native Instruments > VSTPlugins 64 bit

Hopefully someone can help me :stuck_out_tongue:

Just go with default both with 32 and 64 bit.


The Default in my setup screen is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\vstplugins\


C:\Program Files\vstplugins

But im on a danish Windows 7 and Program Files does not exist on my computer.

The NI’s site says: Program Files > Native Instruments > VSTPlugins 64 bit but the ones default in my setup screen is the ones with no Native Instruments in the isntall line-

That is not the default folder I got when installing Komplete but I still say simply install to default location and point Cubase to it after install if required Or point them where ever you want, Cubase can made to adapt later

So what you are saying is; As long as I make two seperate folders for the 32bit and 64 bit, then the name could be: bubblefuckmackee\supertramp\vstplugins and then still work by telling Cubase to go to that folder?

Yes, you can install it anywhere as long as you add this path to Plugin Manager within Cubase. It will then simply scan the folder for plugins and add them when found. However, for efficiency sake it makes more sense to put them in the folder where most of your plugins are already installed.

I only have the standard Plugins from Cubase atm :slight_smile:

Can Cubase read VSTs from more than one directory?

Cause I am buying a 1TB SSD - And all my East West will go on it, but all my Native Instruments will be on my current SSD. Is that possible for Cubase to read VSTs from two directories?

Yes absolutely, more if you like! But like I said you need to tell Cubase where they are in Devices > Plug-in Manager.
But it makes more sense to only put the sample data on the 1 TB SSD. You can put the VST’s in the same directory as where your others are installed. A lot of installers use different paths. If you let them your plugins will be scattered all over your c: drive and you will quickly loose overview of what is actually installed.

The problem is. Right now I have a 256 GB SSD - And its soon filled. I am gonna buy a new 1TB SSD. Is it possible to have Native Instrument plugins in two locations? Both on my current 256GB SSD and on my new 1TB SSD? Or do I need to reinstall every Native Instrument plugin/VST when I get my new 1TB SSD?

I have the same setup: 256 for windows and 1 TB for sample packs. During the installation of NI Komplete it will ask you for (1)the program path, (2)the VST’s (32/64 bit seperately) and (3)where you want to install the sample data. You could do this in 2 go’s. First install some on 256 an afterwards start the installation again and select the remaining to be installed on the 1 TB. However I would recommend to install the programs in c:\Program Files, the VST’s in the designated directories (32&64 bit) also on C: and all the sample data on your 1 TB drive. This way all the ‘disk intensive’ data is stored on it’s own dedicated drive. And you will have a clearer overview of you installation.

If I do what you suggested. Will it then be the speed of my 1TB that determines load times of the sample libraries?

I dont have the 1TB yet - I will get it in like 14 days.

I guess I just have to reinstall the entire thing when I get the 1TB. (I have space for it on my OS SSD, but I want it on my 1TB)

You could of course install some items like Kontakt 5 and some smaller sample packs (you won’t be able to install the entire thing on your 256GB SSD because Komplete is some 300+ GB!) to get started and reinstall them when you get the 1 TB drive. But be careful to leave about 10% of free space on your SSD. SSD’s sometimes tend to get slow when fully written with data. Speed is most important for reading samples and the best bet is putting these on your new 1 TB drive.

I didn’t buy the Ultimate, just the regular one which is about 130GB (in theory, but it seems only to take up 110GB)