Native Instruments MK3 88 controller and Cubase 12 Pro connectivity issue

just purchased a Native Instruments MK3 88 controller and I am having a real tough time getting it to work in Cubase. I have gone through all installation procedures from NI through the Native Access, Komplete Kontrol. The keyboard is registered properly.
Things seem to be unstable as a couple of times I have been able to get it be “seen” by Cubase and have it actually send MIDI data to the program and into a VST but only a couple of times. The rest are all basically a frozen start up screen from Cubase when doing its scan etc. It seems to hang up on a “Mackie Control” prompt on the screen and then sits there for eternity. I actually power down the MK3 and Cubase immediately continues onto booting up but is frozen and I have to shut it down via Task Manager. See attached PNG . I am at a loss here. Is this a Cubase issue? Is my computer rig not powerful enough? I have contacted support via Native Instruments but but my problem is not resolved. Up to now, Cubase 12 PRO has worked well for me with no issues. Im attaching my Windows 10 system details as well. Any ideas?

Hi, there must be something missed here by NI’s integration. Under the hood it does use mackie, at least so did the MK2 if I recall correctly, I don’t know if something changed with the MK3. Note that there have been complaints about freezes with Logic Pro too. From what I see, a solution that worked for some users is to turn your KK MK3 to MIDI 1.0 mode:

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