Native Instruments plugins’ problem with HiDPI

I just noticed a few days ago, after switching the HiDPI on, that a couple of Native Instruments plugins don’t behave. The controls don’t react and the UI is cropped:

For me, the plugins with problems are NI Phasis, Raum, Replika and Replika XT. NI Driver and Supercharger seem to work just fine. I haven’t checked every other plugin I have, but all the others I have tried work normally.

Of course, there are two simple solutions for the problem and both work:

  1. Turn off the HiDPI and lose the sharpness and channel count on screen
  2. Go to the Windows settings and change the scaling from 125% to 100%, so all the text in Windows folders and menu bars and wherever turns tiny.

Any other solutions?

Cubase 10.5, Windows 10 up-to-date, 4K display.

NI problem. Not the only one.

We are far from working HiDPI-Solutions. … industry is overtaking itself… 8k - reinvestments… software lagging behind.
It will take not only months to sort that out generally.