Native Instruments s49 or A61 Keyboards - Integration with Cubase ?

Do they work well with Cubase
Do you suggest another manufacturer ?
Is s49 that much easier to work with than the A61

They are currently running a special at NI so You buy komplete 12 and the s49 for 800 + and the A61 for 500 +

Just tested on Cubase 10.5 demo version with my S49ii (I have a v7 license and I’m considering upgrading). Basic transport works, but some things like mute/solo and tempo adjustment don’t work out of the box (following instructions at That said, you can use Komplete Kontrol properly from within cubase to browse and load plugins, and the mixer page looks about right.

I personally think the S49ii is amazing. With the exception of keyboard splits, it doesn’t seem to really be missing any features I’d expect from a midi controller - I’m amazed by mine; but $800 is pretty steep and you may want to consider other options and a dedicated cubase controller if you really want access to everything (unless someone has a workaround)…

Just got my S49 Mk2 and i’m loving the integration. Transport works perfectly, scrub works sweet, loop, quantize. I’m not having any problems with the mixer page and using things like mute/solo. Worked straight out of the box and works very well. Selecting a track with buttons on the mixer page takes you directly there in Cubase, so enabling you to quickly select a track, adjust the volume, write automation or record a part. I’ve also setup some custom assignments to the eight upper buttons, with labels, to set things like auto quantize, quantize up/down etc. Loving its simple layout and minimal controls tbh.