Native Instruments settings not saving when shifting between computers

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Long time CB user here, but turned up something I can’t seem to find an answer for. I managed to blag a copy of NI Komplete last year, and have been having a bit of fun with it. At work, I’m playing with Kontakt and Guitar Rig, and it works pretty well. I get back the next morning, and it’s all fine.

However, when I shift the project to my home rig, almost every time, NI software completely forgets all the settings and defaults back to the… uh, default. I do have a solution to this - if you save it as a VST Preset, it remembers. And 9/10 I remember to do this. But today, I didn’t - hoped to bounce everything out for someone’s EP at home (which is far faster than my work rig), and I completely forgot to save the preset.

So, yes, I have a workaround… but does anyone have any more information on this, or a way to get it to work without relying on my gradually fraying memory…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ah, no. I thought I’d solved this, but in this case, even when I saved the Preset on Cubase at work, it no longer appears at home. Do I need to save these as .vst files in order to guarantee that I can reload setups at home?

Incidentally, I had Retrologue do this to me today as well.

Does anyone have a good work-flow system to allow this kind of system swap? My systems are software identical, but Mac/PC between locations.

If anyone has some advice, I’d be hugely appreciative. My system at home bounces so much faster than my work system, but currently I can’t rely on the settings being transferred across.

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:Edit - Ah, no, they are saving as .vstpreset, but for some reason, didn’t come across with the project this time. Strange.

One little piece of info to add. Had to run back and forth between work and home today because of this!

So the first image is my PC at home. Same version of CB on both (and I assume same of Guitar Rig, since I don’t run updaters that much :wink: ). You can see it’s in full reset mode, and there are no presets saved (either in the presets folder, or within the project).

However, when I popped back to work on my Mac, this is what I got there…

So, you can see the preset is saved in the project, but I also managed to dig them out of the User Preset Library.

I had this problem with Kontakt before, but saving them as VSTpresets made the transfer work. Not so much here.

So - an NI problem or a CB problem?

Any thoughts would be massively helpful. I always keep copies of work on my home backup system, especially in case a client makes a last minute change before mastering, but if I’m using these plugins, this may not be so possible :frowning:


I’d be wary making such assumptions. It’s easy enough to check if you open the Plugin Manager in Cubase.

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Good point - I’ll double check when I’m back at work :slight_smile: - it was just that this week was meant to be my work-from-home week XD -Dang!


Just as an information: .vstpreset files are not stored with the project, they are located here:

C:\Users\your_username*\Documents\VST3 Presets
(See here for more

So you would need to copy/sync those folders, too.

Else, yep, updating the plugins to the latest version on both computers would be the first step.

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Thanks man - yeah, I’ve copied these… :slight_smile: - will make sure I back them up in the future.

However, I’m sure any custom presets that are saved should transfer with the project itself. So, for example, if I load custom IRs into Revelation, it still knows which IRs I was using when I move it to a different computer - I just need to locate them. Also, when using Kontakt, it would regularly reset, but if I saved it as a preset within Cubase, when I brought it home, or back to work, it would be available in the Preset library, and I could just load it up…

Genuinely a little confused by this! But I’m back at work tomorrow, and will check version numbers too.

Thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile:



OK - a slight update :slight_smile: - partial success, but we’re just finishing some Pre-Masters so I’m not fiddling with my work system until that one’s out the door!

So - version wise. Guitar Rig and Kontakt were one version behind at home, and they have been updated. Battery I think was the same (I’ll double check when I have a moment). The results were very mixed. Kontakt now finds the presets stored in the project, but doesn’t load them by default (that’s blatantly an NI thing). Guitar Rig seemed to behave itself better, but if it didn’t, again, presets seemed to be present, and loadable. Battery - nothing.

So I then copied my vstpresets from my work machine to my PC at home. Everything could find a preset. Even Battery. Though when clicking on the Battery preset, it loaded nothing.

I’ll do some proper testing when I get this current project out of the door. Not risking anything with a deadline. Of course, I just Rendered everything in place to make this work, which is fine when archiving stuff, but not ideal if I need to make further tweaks in the final mix when I’m at home :).

Anyway - thank you for all the advice and help y’all have given in this thread. I’ll update ASAP with some basic project testing and shifting after we deliver this particular project (I’m not using NI stuff in any of the other projects I’m working on at the moment XD ).

Peace and love my friends!