Native Key Command Overlay

Imagine a feature in Cubase that shows keystroke and key command name overlay right after executing a key command.

Split at Cursor


This overlay would enhance the user’s interaction and understanding of the action they just performed.

What would it show exactly?

Imagining that I got visual presentation on every key command i hit, i would get seizures :joy:

Perhaps this feature will be toggled on in moments where building familiarity of key commands is necessary.

For ~1.2 seconds, the key command name and assigned key.

The only purpose for something like this that I can think of is if you screen record Cubase and want your viewers to see what keys you press.
I can’t see how it would aid anyone in building familiarity by showing you what key(s) you already pressed. Would you just press random keys to see what they do?

There used to be custom computer keyboards you could buy with Cubase functions printed on the keys. Not sure you can get those anymore, but I imagine it would serve as a much better aid to see what a key does before you press it rather than after.

“Screen Record Mode”

For this new feature, that could work as a name.

Perhaps there already are solutions for displaying pressed keyboard keys?
I think OBS Studio has plugins to solve this. Then I found this stand alone application:
KeyPress OSD
Would that be an option?

If Cubase integrates support of input overlay, this will allow the key command name and keystroke to be displayed as components of visual feedback.

The application I linked to allows you to create custom names for key presses.

Configuring third-party keystroke overlays everytime a key command is changed can become cubersome.

[Native Keystroke Overlay]
This feature’s value will likely grow as users continue to modify key commands, streamlining the process with implemented names and keystrokes.

With all due respect, the value of your proposed feature will only benefit a very small subset of Cubase users. I’m not against it, I just don’t see the value for anyone not tutoring.

I don’t think the default key commands really change that much. I also don’t know what the procedure is in that specific application to create custom overlays. If it’s done with external files, like XML or JSON e.g., there are opportunities to automate the process.

For tutors’ convenience, “Tutor Mode” toggle in Cubase settings will suffice.

What do you think @GregOndo

…also of note, this is the domain of the screen recorder or streamer, not the software being recorded, or streamed.

Hey Steve, your Cubase looks hmmm somehow… Like Studio One… :smile::star_struck:

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