Native VST 3 plug-ins of REV-X and Sweet Spot Morphin

Hi Steinberg,

These would be most welcome; I have from time been frustrated certainly with the Sweet Morph Channel Strip on it’s limitation within the unit as to how many channels you are limited to within Cubase/Nuendo and would have liked to have seen the VST Native Plug at the time of buying my MR816CSX.

So I for one are in favour of these being available to your existing MR816CSX customer base or even Cubase/Nuendo users

Hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:


This could be a firmware update if Steinberg so decides?

nop. as far as i know it is a VST plugin for Rvex and Channel strip to use in DAW. i really dont understand why it takes so long for steinberg to do a Good gesture for their customers(not as a favore) especially where there is a kind of flaw/limitation in their hardware.

as far as firmware update we all want/need to fix some things with our MR Series
but i think if they do any update they gonna fix only the problem where when connected MR devices trough ADAT they wont sync/lock to the same sample rate when changing in sample rate DAW .

Only for CSX owners? What about X owners? Because MR816-X also has REV-X DSP so there could be VST plug-in for REV-X, right?

I hope that they give the appropriate vst’s the the MR816CSX (both revx & sweet morph channel) and MR816X (revx) users.

I’m starting to think it’s never going to happen since no Steinberg rep has made a comment on this thread. :frowning:

This would be a really positive move for Steinberg.
For no cost they would give much quicker workflow to their loyal customers (and many are very loyal) and they would also increase the appeal of the 816

A genuine Win Win situation

I have written to Steinberg many times and I never hear anything back. Have they gotten rid of customer support now?

+1 more. I love those effects, the REV-X is better IMHO than any of the effects in Cubase - and the Compressors are awesome.

Maybe there’s some rivalry between Yamaha and Steinberg - the Steinberg engineers don’t want to give it up, but there is no doubt that these effects on the MR816 are better.

So, no official word from steiny on this? Seems like an easy thing to do.

Going to have to add in Here, I agree totally on this issue, It would give their loyal customers a boost, and show some integrity to the MRX users, who flocked to the product in high hopes, and with the Direct monitoring issues.I have felt a bit aggrieved…( I have 3 MRX’s :laughing: )…SO Hows about it Steinberg, show some love here, and give us the NAtive plugins WE ALL FEEL we deserve!! Giving them ONLY to UR users is BANG out of order I feel!.

:blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

I just read the very positive review of the STeinberg UR28M in Sound On Sound magazine and was surprised to learn that the REV-x effect from my beloved MR816x is available to UR users as a VST! I agree with all the posters here, it should be available to MR owners as well. I’d even pay a reasonable amount for it. C’mon, Steiny! Pretty please?

Maybe steiny Have somthing against Mr816 owners !!!
should we change the name to Mrs 816 dear :mrgreen:

I love the CSX and would buy another one in a heartbeat when I need it.

This sounds like a great idea. Don’t know why Steinberg wouldn’t do it when other companies show their appreciation regularly with treats to paying customers (ie Waves, ikmultimedia, UAD). It does wonders for loyalty, keeps us visiting the site, and makes us feel even better about buying new products from them.

+1! I’d love to have a VST version of the Yamaha plug-ins.

You just don’t get enough with the unit, and also, you have to bounce in realtime, which I just can’t do that this point in my workflow.

no joy here !
sometimes steinberg is so Neglectful to some of their product customers it just makes u wonder why stick with them anyway :unamused:
so many months of this simple request to have native ch-strip-RevX vst plugins (as ur users have) cuz MR limited design wont let u use this same FX on recording and playback at the same time.

Yeah, the MR design is indeed limited. And I get dropouts all the time. I look forward to getting something else. Never again will I buy Steinberg hardware.

Any news???

Rev-X as a native plug in would be awesome!