Navigate to Markers using Return key in Marker list?

Either there’s a language problem or this doesn’t work. The manual says 'You can navigate in the marker list using your computer keyboard and select entries by pressing Return. This is a quick and easy way to jump to markers during playback or recording."
To me, that means if I highlight a specific marker in the list and hit “return”, the cursor should navigate to that marker. No? It doesn’t work that way and there doesn’t appear to be a way to set “return” to be used that way as a shortcut. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
And Happy New Year! (yeah, I’m working on a project on New Year’s Eve)

it works for me when first clicking left of a marker id in the column with the heading “>” and then after that use the up and down arrow keys to select a different row and then hit the Return key


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Thanks, Nico. Will try that next year!
-Brian Wilson

Your directions work perfectly! Maybe Steinberg should hire you to write the next manual! This is by no means what I would call “intuitive”.
All the best in the New Year to you.

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