Navigating this forum...and a solution to a previous question

I was on this forum today for about an hour; I like to go through the ‘New’ questions. One of the questions had to doing with exporting one file that had multiple songs (I guess like a mixtape) and was it possible to mark off the space between each song for they get exported as individual files. The answer is yes but I wanted to go back to my Cubase to test it. I tested it; it did indeed work; so I went back to this forum with the solution. This is where the problem is.
When I returned to the forum, the question is no longer in the ‘New’ list (I understand why) but now I can’t find the question anywhere in the forum. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been deleted in the last half hour, so can anyone tell me how to find this topic? Thanks in advance.

Yes I just read that in the New tab like you a little while ago. For me I can see it right now (literally) about a screen & a half down on the Latest tab. If I recall correctly you need to configure which Topics this tab shows.

The search function on the forum works well, especially the Advance Search

Thanks Raino, I’ll give that a go.

Hmmm? I can’t find that page. Where do I find the ‘Advanced Search’?


You can set topics as bookmarks, or you can start a response to a thread and if you close the page, you get asked if you will keep it as draft.

Then you can go back to it later.

Found it. Great, Thanks.