Navigating with the QWERTY board in Cubase?

I’ve noticed sometimes mostly by mistake I can use the up, down, left and right arrow keys to move around in the MixConsole.
I’ve done my fair share of RTFM on this but I didn’t really know what words to use for my queries so here I am.
I don’t mean the “previous/next” key commands for the inspector. I know how that works.

How do I enter this “arrow key mode”?
How do I exit in a predictable manner?
What areas or “zones” can be used for this type of navigation?

I kind of like it but it’s so unpredictable when it works at all there is no point in trying.
Obviously, I have no clue how to do it right, so does someone else know how to do this?



I don’t know what exactly do you want to control via keyboard in the MixConsole. But in general, you can do so. Where the red frame is, there is the keyboard focus. Enter changes the value. So if you are in the Pan, you can Enter and type the Pan value. If you are at the M button, you can Enter to change the Mute state.

You can use Tab and Shift+tab to jump over the sections. If you are in the faders, press Shift+Tab to jump to the racks. Then you can use arrow up/down to select the Inserts and press Enter to open the Inserts section. If it’s open, you can use arrow down to get to the 1st Insert slot and press enter to add an insert effect. Type Compressor, press Tab to get to the list, select the compressor you want to use, and press enter.

Yeah, I’ve figured that out so far and when I’m in focus in some box it’s no problem.
What I don’t get is the actual command to get started in let’s say the MixConsole.
Sometimes it just works, sometimes I noticed I’ve used the arrow keys and sometimes I have to give up.

I also found Key Commands in the subcategory “Window zones” named “Show previous tab” and “Show next tab”.
They jump around in the sub tabs in each respective zone in a self-explanatory way.
Then in that same subcategory there are two more commands called “Show previous page” and “Show next page” and I can’t make them seem to do anything, but I could do it in the wrong way?

There are several similar KCs under Navigation too. It’s like there is a whole set of Key Commands that clearly do something although it isn’t clear what that “something” might be.

Well, I might as well try to enjoy it while it lasts … or something? :unamused: :laughing: :mrgreen: