Navigation between two voices on a single staff

Hi, I am very happy with an idea in Dorico 3 to be able to navigate between voices or lines without using a mouse. Any way in my very first test I was not able to get from a second to the first voice in a lower piano staff while pressing up and down arrow. I was expecting Dorico 3 will choose in this case a next upper voice. Even if there is a rest…

Dear mipi,
You’re right, I just tried and there seems to be a problem with the lower piano staves… I can navigate flawlessly on the top staff, between voices as expected, but something prevents me from navigating from one voice to another while in the lower staff. Same problem with cross-stave notes.

For what it’s worth, this is as designed, for the time being at any rate.

Thank you for your answers. If you would watch Antonys video (starting 1:47) you could think Dorico doesn‘t work in a way it was designed. Anyway it is a minor issue. I am sure you have to deal at the moment with much more important and complex questions.

A similar problem seems happen in the case of a cross-staff voice : the selection don’t follow the voice in the lower staff when the voice crosses the staves.

That’s right, Dorico tries to keep the selection on the same staff.

However it’s also useful to check the way of the voice through the different staves.