Navigation followed by note entry

Sorry for what seems like a very rudimentary question, but I can’t find an answer by searching.

In Write mode, I hit CMD-G and navigate to a particular bar. Then, with the hope that I can keep my hand off the mouse, I hit Shift-N. Nothing happens.

Is there a reason I shouldn’t be able to navigate and immediately start note entry this way? Am I missing a key stroke?

CMD-G shifts the display to a particular bar, but it doesn’t change what is selected in the score.

So if nothing was selected before, Shift-N doesn’t know where to put the cursor.

If something was selected before it remains selected and off the screen. Shift-N will put the cursor at that location and jump to there!

Thanks, Rob. So if I want to jump to a new spot in the score using CMD-G and then select that bar to begin entry, how do I do that without touching the mouse? I edited the subject to emphasize what I’m trying to do.

It’s possible to do, but a bit longwinded without resorting to the mouse. With nothing selected, the left/down/up/right arrow keys will always select something in the viewport, generally in the top left corner. Cmd+G doesn’t put the selected bar in the top left corner, though, unless you happen to be very zoomed in (which you can do using Z, at least on English keyboards).

Oh! Not sure why it didn’t occur to me to hit an arrow key to see what would happen. That was the missing key stroke!

I’ll just add what I suppose is a feature request: In Galley View, it would be nice for the destination bar of CMD-G to line up with the left corner of the screen. At least I can’t think of a reason it shouldn’t. ( I can think of reasons why it ought not to default there in Page View.)