Navigation Problems in the Sample Editor

I’m having problems navigating with the left/right arrow keys to the start and end points of a selection in the Sample Editor.


  1. Double-click an audio part in the Project Window and open the Sample Editor (use a 30 sec or so clip)
  2. Using the selection tool, select a small piece (a single hi-hat for example)
  3. Use H to zoom way in where you can’t see the start and end without scrolling
  4. Use the left and right arrow keys to jump back and forth to the start and end point of the selection
  5. Make random selections (or drag the same selection) throughout the length of the part and test
  6. Try different length clips

My problem is that sometimes this works and sometimes not. It seems that as I move my selections more and more to the left, it reaches a point where the view won’t locate. It jumps to a random point where anything to the left of that point does not locate correctly.

I can’t find any pattern as far as clip length, location in the project, song position, (F) follow or not. Some clips won’t locate correctly at all while others are fine except at the very start of the clip.

When doing detailed, zoomed in editing, this is…let’s say…irritating.

Using the Transport command- Locate Selection and Locate Selection End- can sort of work if you have to have Follow Song/Auto Scroll turned on and Suspend Auto Scroll When Editing. But the view tends to be too far to the left or right instead of the centered view the arrow keys call up (when working correctly).

The Left/Right arrow keys will only work correctly if you open the Sample Editor on a clip from within the Pool but that’s not an acceptable workaround.


Mac OS 10.7.5