Navigation question

In Note Input, I know I can move ahead/back and up or down to another stave by using the arrows to place the caret. I understand that the caret moves in increments set in the grid (or so it seems). So far, so good.
Is there a way to move the caret to beginning of the system? Some sort of Command-Function-Arrow (I’m making this combination up)? I did read about this in the manual, but I also could have missed something obvious.
As always, thanks for any advice or hints.

Cmd/Ctrl-Left will move back by a bar at a time. I’m not sure there’s anything you can set to jump to the start of a system, but check the relevant section (navigation?) of Preferences > Key Commands.

Thank you! Of course I realize that there is an inherent problem with the question I posed in that it would/could only work in Page View; Galley view would be a disaster!

Appreciate the always helpful response.