Nectar impact LX49 midi controller not functioning in cubasis

I have upgraded my cubasis 3 le to full functional version but still my midi controller Impact LX49 is not supported. I can find the name in the midi controller list but if I select it for midi input in any instrument of cubasis, the keystrokes are not detected and played . Is it not supported by cubasis….shall I buy another controller and if yes then which portable 25 keys one…. Please help

The answer is NO.
Go onto the App Store and download a free app called MIDI WRENCH, launch it and keep it open in the background and just connect your keyboard as normal, this app allows Cubasis to “see” your LX49

Hi @ranjanmailg,

Cubasis supports MIDI Learn, MCU and Mackie support.
To learn more, please have a look at our dedicated tutorial:

Hope this is of help to use your Nectar controller with Cubasis.