Need a floppy of Old Cubase Score for MAC

Yes, I know Cubase Score existed long before many of you had the opportunity to experience the software sequencer revolution that Score created (at least it did for me), but for those of you who may have, do you happen to have an old
3 1/2" floppy installation disk tucked away somewhere?

I am attempting to copy and transfer old (and I do mean old) MIDI files from my old MAC Centris 650, but it will no longer read the disk. All my installation disks boot up fine except for the "Score Master Disk"

Your help would be deeply appreciated. :neutral_face:

Are you still looking for the Cubase Score Master Disk? I have Cubase Score 3.5 for Mac, which I bought in 1997 and still use. I just took a look at the contents of the Master Disk (3.5" floppy) and the only thing on there is a file called “Deauthorize.” My installation files came on a CD.

I’d be happy to send you copies of whatever you need.


Dear RussLA

Do you still run Cubase score? I have some old projects I am utterly desperate to get off. I have moved house so many times and have no copies of the print outs, and just these files I cannot open in anything! Would it be possible to send them to you and have you export them as PDFs back to me please? I wish I’d been more careful with updates!