Need a "how to"...

Hello friends…

I am having a difficult time to setup a logical and simple way to name my batch export files. Always end up some unnecessarily long name, that I need to edit manually after the fact.
Ideally they all should carry the project’s name with individual suffixes.
Any online video/s for that function ?

Happy Birthday Canada…that was our 150th yesterday !

My concept, but I do generate long file names by choice :slight_smile:

Export name: main name of project including version or date
Each output bus that Inuse for the different stems/mixes I name according to its “content”.
In my world the need to know exactly what each file is requires a rather long file name.
But for others it may be as simple as:
Song name-date-stemtype-channelwidth.wav

Mine is longer and contains more info, the level of complexity is up to the user and the person on the receiving end.

Only drawback is that it makes the tracks slightly harder to differentiate in the mixer, but I don’t mind as I then don’t have to deal with any naming work post export.


Using a internal short naming scheme
Name-date/version-stemtype may be fully enough and then you could use a simple renamer tool with a standard setting adding the data that you want to have in any files being delivered (when needed I use the mac built in Automator).

Yea, thanx Erik, although long is what I try to avoid. I am dealing with a client with not much understanding like >> “why do you send me this complex file ??” Make it simple . :unamused:

I’ll work out something with a coding scheme.