Need a list of unused files that can be deleted from project

When a project is complete there may be many unused files taking up hard drive space that could be deleted. It would be nice to have a tool that provided a list of all the files that could be deleted without screwing up the project. For example, all the .bak files. And unused clips. And direct offline processing files. It would be nice to pick and choose among the various categories.


to remove just unused clips there is Removing Unused Clips from the Pool.

A more comprehensive way would be ‘Backing up Projects’ from the file menu. There you’ve got some options in the Back up Project Options Dialog, such as:

  • Minimize Audio Files
  • Make Direct Offline Processing Permanent
  • Remove Unused Files
  • Do Not Back up Video
  • Do Not Back up Mixdown Folder


Thanks. There are some good tips there.