Need a little help

I stuck. I have a knot in my brain and can’t figure out how to get 8 sixteenth notes on the count of an eighth note.
Look at this: The flute (top system) plays a small cadence - 8 sixteenth notes, while the rest play an eighth note.

Is there a way to notate this without having to take several detours (11/8 time, delete rests, regroup eighth-notes, …)?
It’s probably quite simple - and I have a knot in my brain.
Thanks in advance!

Hidden tuplet! 8:4. You can hide the bracket and number, and make the noteheads cue-sized.

Can you make a tuplet with 4 eighths in the time of 1, and then hide the tuplet number and bracket?

It’s a tuplet 4:1e

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