Need a new DAW - is Cubase what I want?

Well, they could also be ill with Covid if it’s passing through the staff and giving them shortages.

But agree, that’s a poor reply to receive, not to mention the spelling and grammar is seriously under par for someone who’s customer facing. The Covid thing at the end does sound like a very poor excuse when presented in such a way.

I have seen on here before that asknet can be frustrating if you have a query, but i’ve never had to contact them - everything just went through without bother.

Are you able to share the screenshot without exposing any codes? Presuming it’s just a mistake in the text where it says “Artist” - but of course, I don’t blame you for not clicking the buy button unless it’s clearly listing the product you’re expecting.

One good thing about this experience is that it sets my expectations about the company. Is this what I have to look forward to with Steinberg’s customer service when problems and glitches develop?

BTW, I’ve received a response from them from, apparently in Germany? They’re having someone get back to me and try to restart the whole thing from scratch, which means making sure my “crossgrade” discount isn’t already “used”.

Your asknet Solutions AG Customer Service Team
asknet Solutions AG
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asknet Solutions AG
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76131 Karlsruhe

Looking at the headers on the email it looks like it’s originating in the EU - …eu-central-1.compute.internal … but the whole thing is wrapped up in Amazon Web Service packets so who knows? It could be literally anywhere in the world. Does anyone know whether Steinberg actually has a US-based support or customer-service operation at all? …Mainly so I know what hours and whose holidays I’m working around.

I’ve bought products before with either competitive discounts or student discounts - mostly in the video/image/animation space and I’ve NEVER had such a difficult experience as this!

Cubase is a great DAW for contemporary music & scoring, but is sadly lacking in some key areas for sound design and electronic music production compared to just about all of it’s competitors.

Steinberg seem to be taking it on a path to becoming Nuendo lite. Where in the past Cubase was the flagship software for anything audio & Nuendo was the flagship suite for working in post, film & game audio.

Almost all feature requests that they implement in upgrades are aimed at the composer crowd & most request made from the electronic producers in this community have been ignored for a decade. Aside from adding features to sampler tracks & updating automation & MIDI CC automation to utilise bezier curves, there has been very little added since Cubase 7 that caters to those of us making electronic music or hip hop.

Steinberg seem to think they can just throw us a few new libraries of garbage loops & omit any feature requests made. Some of which have been available in other DAWs for years, such as native global modulation sources & multi assignable macros.

No option whatsoever for FM synthesis, anywhere within the Steinberg family of products. Not even in their flagshhip sound design suite, Halion 6. Very little in the way of decent native synths. Retrologue is just a reskin of Halion’s VA synth engine & Padshop is just a better skin for Halion’s granular engine. the other included synths have been there for over a decade & are complete trash.

Could you please elaborate on this? I’m a composer but I compose with a mix of traditional (piano, bass, drum-kit, etc) and electronic synthesized sounds, so I’m not sure I understand the distinction you’re making between composers and electronic music producers. The sound I’m aiming for is a bit like Robert Miles whose main instrument is piano but there’s lots of electronic stuff going on. Also, Hans Zimmer’s music (not my style!) is very synth-y and allegedly he’s a big Cubase uer.

Also, are you referring just to the stock synthesizers? I’m new to Cubase but I thought that with the VST standard you can get a huge choice of plugins.

Please elaborate on what the problem is.

I don’t see a problem with Cubase and not sure how the comment made was relevant to this thread.

Cubase is a Download. It doesn’t matter if the shop stocks it. What matters is the eLicenser - if you don’t have one. That’s what you need to be in stock. It’s cheaper to buy from Best Service, anyways. Cheaper price, and no sales tax.

Buying the Cubase license from Guitar Center would literally waste money.

He means that the feature requests that tend to be prioritized are those working in a Composition market segment. This includes Film Composers, who routinely use Synths in their productions.

However, things like the Clip Launcher that Logic Pro and Digital Performer added aren’t things that are prioritized for Cubase, because Steinberg deprioritizes those market segments.

He didn’t mean “composer” in a “strictly orchestral/classical music” sense. He meant that specific market niche. Hans Zimmer is in that market niche.

The areas of the market where the most “growth” is to be had is not in that market niche. It’s a nice niche, absolutely, but I think other DAWs are dipping their toes into other waters specifically because they want growth. Not simply to sit in the same market segment yelling the same names that many of the people entering the market really don’t care much about.

That being said, there is nothing about Cubase that stops anyone from making Hip Hop. There isn’t really much that is needed, except a long overdue update to Beat Designer, which feels like it hasn’t been touched since the mid-90s, frankly. But one could easily just make beats in something like MPC or Maschine (or FL Studio) and just bring the drum stems or whatever into to Cubase - or even use either as a plug-in - if you really want that kind of pattern-based/sampling workflow.

If you want something closer to Ableton or Bitwig, but still want good composition/video features, etc. then you’re going to have to look at something like Digital Performer or Logic Pro, frankly. Maybe Studio One, but that depends on if you work with video a lot (or if they add a video track and improve that before you decide). If DP wasn’t so expensive on crossgrade, I would get it just to see if I could get used to the workflow. Maybe over the holidays they will have a discount.

Honestly I don’t think that Studio One is good for the film scoring. Logic - yes, but it’s just for Mac. I was purchased Cubase in this summer just because it’s great for film scoring. But I don’t like Steinberg support system at all. And don’t like that they don’t work with their HDPi bugs in Windows for the years… Need to check Digital Performer btw

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