NEED: A Plugin to send audio to obs studio please

Please, friends of Steinberg,

Could you do a plugin for Cubase send audio to OBS Studio ? Or generically, send audio to wherever you can put a plugin receiver.

Today we have so much to share, as producers, as musicians, and the tool to send audio from DAW to any stream program is a need today. It would be even a great action of marketing to Cubase, and to encourage users to share more.

Please friends, consider it in Cubase 12.

Blue cat Audio connector. Might that work?

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Hi Rudi, thanks for the sugestion.
Yes that might work, same as reastream.

Is not the point in my request. I think Cubase Pro users deserve a dedicated and definitive plugin for this. Not an unstable quick-fix. Reastream was released 6 years ago, every time you close a project it crashes Cubase. Every Obs update it might get unstable.

Thank you for your attention

Most streamers will use loopback on their interface, or just use a second machine/laptop for streaming to take an audio feed from their main machine, won’t they?

VST Connect is supposed to transfer audio across a network - is this not a solution? (I don’t know as don’t use it).

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There is an ASIO plug-in for OBS it works perfectly.

(You didn’t mention if you are on MAC or Windows)

You guys are amazing, thanks. Asio Obs works perfectly with the loopback function.

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Yup, feel free to gimme a shout if you need any further help, I use this method and loopback from TotalFX for all streams and recordings.


@Phil_Pendlebury Nicely produced channel, will sub to that later. I like how you float your mixers, may steal that idea into a workspace slot. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Getting there. Still lots room for improvement. :pray:t3:

If you’re on Windows, ASIO Link Pro is a truly amazing ASIO backend that also provides a way to route WDM stuff in and out of the matrix.

Route stuff anywhere you want it. Zero latency, and also supports streaming over your LAN.