need a suggestion for track editing (fixing)

just started with recording…

I am using Cubase 5LE that comes bundled with my Lexicon Lambda.

What will be the right technique in the scenario below for fixing the errors on a recorded track:

Let’s say I import playback file (wav) on Track 1. Then I record Sax on Track 2.
Now I want to fix couple of errors from Second 15 to 20 and from Second 40 to 55.
Please suggest the order of the actions for acheiving this goal (split, duplicate… etc) in plain English.


What are these “errors” ?

in the sax track :slight_smile:… glitches or the the phrase that I want to replay

Cut around the bit you want to replay, highlight that bit, press “P” (sets cursors around part), press backspace,(removes cut part), press “i” and “o” sets drop in/out on locators.

Rewind to a place well before the drop in point, press play (Enter, on numeric keypad) play along with track, cubase will drop into record mode when reaching left locator and drop out of record when reaching right locator.