Need advice about computer processing in Cubase12 Pro

Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz
Installed RAM 8.00 GB (7.89 GB usable)
Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H2
OS build 19044.2130

I have a Dell Optiplex 9010

My problem is that the sound or audio in my Cubase12 daw is shallow or uneven… it’s like up and down with the fullness of live and recorded sound from an instrument… usually a guitar or harmonica…some times even with the midi keyboards. The plugins that I use to enhance or affect the sound seems off to me. Like they’re starved of something. That includes virtual instruments,reverbs,choruses, distortion,amp simulators etc. I think I was told to try a better audio interface but I have three of them(a good and another cheap one) and they all don’t change anything. I was wondering if I changed the computer processor in case the stock processor couldn’t process what I was doing in my Cubase12 Daw.

Above I have posted the computer specifications to help maybe to analyze the problem. Thanks

Honestly this sounds more like it’s down to mixing/recording technique, I don’t mean to criticise, if it isn’t this, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, I do not know your skill level. It’s hard to diagnose without hearing examples of what you mean though. Do you have a good monitoring system or headphones?

Can you please tell which three units you used?

I can reassure you, it is definitely not your CPU. :wink:

How does it sound when you export your project from Cubase as WAV? Does the sound change or does it stay the same?

Otherwise, it would be helpful to hear an example so that I have a better idea of the problem.

When I find time, probably tomorrow, I’ll send out the wave. file or the rendered clip of the complete project or song. Keep in mind that I’m playing the guitar directly into Cubase12 Pro into the Amp Rack Plugin sometimes…and other times directly from guitar or harmonica into Cubase12 Pro then through a Chorus Plugin within the Daw… I’m using three different audio interfaces…Behringer UCA222-Zoom G5n Multieffects pedal (has a built in USB interface) and the Yamaha UR22 MarkII. I had been planning on sending out clips to different forums to see if anyone could give me pointers on getting better results but kept putting it off…so now if I can load up a few clips(and they don’t overload the upload megabytes allowed) here on this forum, maybe I’ll get some good suggestions…Thanks

I’ve rendered whole projects and separate tracks and it sounds a little better but nothing like I would like to be hearing. Like I replied to SurrealistBunny I have to wait till I find time to send out audio clips.

Behringer UCA222-Zoom G5n Multieffects pedal (has a built in USB interface) and the Yamaha UR22 MarkII

Upload your file using the “Upload” button here:

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The file doesn’t seem to be highlighted for listening. I tried several ways of uploading file including zip. Any suggestions?

  1. Press Reply:

  2. Press Upload:

  3. Find your file in the dialog that opened in the previous step

  4. Press Reply:

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I sent the file into message. Your messages(MAS), and it seems to work. Take into mind that I had discussed the audio problems I was having years ago and this may be the same thing(I tried to convince members that it was the humidity building up in my small apartment that affect the electronics). I just thought that beings I had some extra money that I would try a better Processor for the computer but someone here doesn’t think it’s in the cpu so just listen and make your criticism or suggestions. Keeping in mind that inspiration for creating was hard for me to come by because of the poor tone(sound quality) stemming from this problem. I’m sure I failed in tempo and rhythm. But the rough general idea is laid out.
I forgot to add that when I made a CD for a CD player with 4 external speakers the sound coming out was a lot different, like the extra speakers provided more “space” for the sound. An example being that on one of my other projects a cymbal crash was used and it doesn’t sound anything like a cymbal when listening to it in Cubase12 through headphones or a pair of studio monitors. But when I made a CD out of it and played it through the four speakers it sounded pretty good.

Don’t worry: I work in post-production. I have a personal taste in music, but I don’t even know how to play a musical instrument. So I judge your recordings only from a technical point of view. :grinning:

I will listen to the file tomorrow then.

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