Need advice buying a small MIDI keyboard

Hi all,
I’m a MIDI noob, but need a new 25 to 37 key MIDI controller keyboard for Cubase Pro 10.5 (WIN) and am surprised my searches here could not find much discussion about such things. Are there brands to avoid and brands to favor when using Cubase?
I’d like something that integrates easily and reliably, has full size semi-weighted keys, 8 pads, enough controls and a screen of some sort.
Here’s a few that I’m strongly considering:
– Akai MPK225
– Novation Impulse 25
– Roland A-300 Pro

The Roland looks good and has 32 keys (unlike the other two’s 25), but first went on sale 10 years ago. Sounds ancient. Is that too old to have up-to-date MIDI technology, or have all things MIDI not really changed that much since then?
Please, share any advice, recommendation or tips that you might have.
Thanks much in advance.

Personally I wouldn’t go with A-300 because of pitch/mod joystick, hate them.
Akai is a good choice if you are ok with the price.
Why do you need semi-weighted keys? If you didn’t play the piano, you won’t need it.

Belated thanks powerchord - I must have missed a notification. I went with the Akai w/ 49 keys - MPK249 thinking I’d avoid a bit of tunnel vision from the smaller keyboard. It’s solid and I’m happy with it. It was during the Covid lockdown, so no chance to compare models in a store. You might be right about the keys. I’ve had a semi-weighted synth and thought since I plan to play a lot of piano parts it might make for a slightly truer sound.

try Nektar Impact GX61 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller it cost you around 110 dollars. it is available on amazon. call barring meaning in hindi
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