Need advice for audio interface for live performances

Hi! I am in need for some advice regarding choosing an audio interface for live performance. I do shows with a singer, and we are running backing tracks along with vocal and guitar. Previously we have used one computer for the backing track, vocal and click-track, and my computer for the guitar and other instruments. I now want to run everything from my computer alone.

I have an UR-RT4, and I tried to fit it to the setup, but I lacked number of outputs. Theoretically there are 6 outputs on the interface, but line output 1&2 only playbacks reverb. I have tried countless times to fix this but never found a solution.

Cause of this I have checked for other alternatives as well, and I figured that the UR816C might be a good solution. I have a few concerns to this interface and I hope someone here can help me bring som clarity to it.

  1. Will I be able to use the 8 outputs as separate outputs? (For example having vocal, guitar, and click linked to individual outputs. I notice there are 4 different MIXes on the interface so it makes sense?)
  2. Will I stumble upon the same issue as I have with my UR-RT4 regarding one of the outputs only works as a reverb send?
  3. Is the audio interface good for using at a live performance?

I hope it was understandable and please tell me if there is more information I could provide to make the best decision.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t understand your setup.
Why do you need 6 or 8 outputs for 2 performers?
Maybe a complete list/description of your setup might help… a drawing would be ideal but not required.

Hi, here is description of the setup regarding the required outputs:
1x Guitar stereo output, 1x vocal stereo output, 1x click mono output, 1x backing track stereo output

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes, you did something wrong with your current interface, so you will most likely do the same thing with the new interface. But maybe you are lucky…
  3. That depends on what kind of live performances you are doing and what the interface is doing in particular.

No, it doesn’t make sense. You can adress all 8 outputs from your playback software.