need advice for new soundcard

Hi, I am looking for a compact usb interface for stereo live recording. All I need are two very good preamps. I was looking at the CI2+. I am curious about the preamp quality and stability. I would use it with a macbookpro.
In studio I use a F800 RME and I am happy with the preamps.
Is CI2 in the same league or is it better to look at something more expensive, like the Babyface?
I am going to record classical stuff so I nee a quiet preamp with a lot of gain. I am also concerned about stability.
Any advice appreciated.


I use the CI1 and am more than satisfied with the preamps. However, one of the new UR series may be a better choice if you’ve been using the likes of the Fireface 800. The UR series supposedly have world-class preamps. The Ci interfaces would likely fall short of your expectations.

Good luck,