Need advice for server

Hi to all

My main problem is the latency (well, not only main)

My current system.
32gb ram 1600mhz
Ssd for os and sample library.
Win 10 pro
Rme ff802

I have loaded vepro with 100+ instruments from vsl, ewql, kontakt etc. Hooked cubase 9.5 with vepro server in the same pc and audiocard at 512smpl.
With this setup I get 11 in 12 out latency. But after recording 30 tracks I need to increase asio buffer to 1024. So I need a better system.

So I am thinking to buy.
i7 8700k
Vengeance RGB 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR4 3200MHz
All others the same.

So first question.
Which one is better solution . To scrap the old pc and to replace it with the new one? Or to keep the old one and use the new one as a server with vepro and all instruments loaded on it? Will the old pc have improved latency? Can i work with asio buffer to 64 samples with no pops and cracks on old pc if I use server?

Will be a benefit if I spend more on these extra mhz in ram on the new pc regarding on latency?

How to connect the main pc with the server. Is it possible to connect it only with a network cable?

Thanks in advance