Need advice with 5.1 surround

In my studio I just have my MOTU traveler (4 audio outputs) with my PSI monitors in a regular stereo config.

I want to be able to mix in 5.1, and in my living room I have 5 Mackie HR824’s & HRS120 connected to an Outlaw 975 for home theater, blu ray audio etc.

If I drag my studio computer into the living room can I do a 5.1 mix using the Outlaw?

Would the Optical out on the Traveler in the Outlaw work for mixing?


I don’t think so. The Outlaw 975 probably doesn’t work as an Audio Device (Sound Card) for your computer.

Wouldn’t the optical out from the Traveler carry multichannel audio to the Outlaw?

Oh, I see. If the “digital input” on the Outlaw 975 is optical ADAT (it seems, it is), then this will work.