Need basic help setting up sidechain effect

I want to modulate the volume of a riser sound on one audio track with the kick drum from another audio track.
I added a compressor effect track and I turned on “activate sidechain” within the effect. Now what?

I would just insert the compressor on the riser track and activate the sidechain. Duplicate the kick drum track. Then select the output of the new kick drum track and look for the compressor sidechain input in the drop down list. Good luck!


OK. I got it. Thanks.
Create duplicate kick track to use as silent modulation source.
Kick track: Create FX send to Compressor, turn up to100%
Turn down volume fader to 0%
Activate prefader switch

Riser track: FX send to Compressor.
Turn down volume fader to 0%
Activate prefader switch. Adjust prefader volume to taste.