need best settings for full duplex

I’m a newbie to cubase and usb interfaces. what are the optimal asio driver settings (etc) for achieving full duplex record/playback with a ur22, using cubase ai7, win 8.1, 8g ram, hp, amd a8 processor. Also best buffer settings, etc for smoothest playback but lowest latency; currently set at 1024 / 24bit / 44.1k. any help would be appreciated! :sunglasses:

Full duplex ?!? Aren’t you using the UR22 ASIO driver?

The best settings for recording are the lowest latency/smallest buffer you can get away with without experiencing problems.

Playback isn’t so critical. I’ll usually record at 64-128 and playback/mix at whatever I need to get smooth performance. Usually 1024 for mixing. It all depends on what your system can handle given your current project demands.

Thanks for the reply. I’m using the Yamaha Steinberg Driver 1.8.3 64bit, which they specify for win 8.1 64bit, with the settings pointing to that driver. I have disabled, then uninstalled the native card through device manager. Do I need to do that through the bios?
Also, I have tried every buffer setting from 64 to 2048 and I’m still getting choppy stop/start playback. Mic recording with this interface is really clean- virtually zero noise. This pc had beats audio preinstalled, which I despise, but I thought I finally bypassed it. Not sure what to do from here.

Hello kocjeve,

How many other tracks do you have in your project (instrument, MIDI or Audio)? Are you running many reverbs, delay or virtual instruments, if so how many and what kind?