Need clarification on AI knob

I have just purchase a CC121 Controller and learning.
I have noticed that the AI knob works great on everything to do with Cubase 10.
Now , with the Korg collection Arturia, Sampletank etc the AI knob does not function unless you use each vst’s midi learn.
Sometimes that does not work on certain VST 3 plugins .
It works on the EQ knobs if you use midi learn.
So am i to believe the AI knob does not work on most VST 3 plugins and you have to midi learn the EQ knobs instead.
I thought the AI knob was supposed to work on all modern VST 3’s just by hovering over them once using EQbutton and bypass button simultaneously.
Only works flawlessly on CUbase instruments and effects plus Daw functions.

I would be very grateful for Any thoughts on what i am saying and hopefully someone can give advice .
The mouse is far quicker that having to midi learn a load of functions for the EQ knobs.
I do have the latest update which is pretty old now.

All the Best

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If the producent of the VST plugin programmed for outside control, the knob is working.

yes the plugins need to support this. for me most work fine, like Waves, Fabfilter, NI, Sylenth,
others don’t, like iZotope, Spire

Even Sylenth, Waves, nor NI (massive) works with my CC121 AI knob. Only works for Padshop, Retrologue, and Halion (all Steinberg VSTs). Any plans for updates/fixes on this?

I emailed yamaha/steinberg support for help on this. will update when they reply

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yeah it sucks but aparently this support is optional within the VST3 spec, and not everybody adopts it. You need to start emailing the developers of said plugins instead, and ask them to implement this. I have emailed a couple already, like plugin alliance, some of their plugs work, some don’t. Tedious I know, but when the AI knob works as it should, it kinda compensates the lack of automap of parameters that the CC121 and CMC suffer. And no, quick controls altough usefull, is not really an alternative that completely satisfies that.

The AI knob is a great thing, but I stopped using it after it works inconsistently on different plugins. Are there any news or workarounds yet? I definitely miss this feature.

Here’s what I got:

AI Works: All Steinberg, Kontakt 5 & 6, Absynth, FM8, Massive, Omnisphere, Xils PolyKB III, Strobe 2, Oddity2, u-He Tyrell N6, Vacuum Pro, Aria Player, MOTU Ethno2, Maschine, UVI Workstation, Addictive Keys, BFD3, Addictive Drums 2, Battery 4, Session Drummer, Trilian

AI Doesn’t work: Massive X, Reaktor 6, All Arturia V collection, All AAS, Pendulate, Rapture Pro, Dimension Pro, Z3ta+ 2, PPG Wave2, Symptohm, BBC SO, VSL Synchron, M-Tron Pro, Komplete Kontrol, Spitfire LABS, MSoundFactory, True Pianos

A fair split with slightly more not working. Disturbing to see that newer NI instruments aren’t working. Hope that’s not a trend going forward and is specific to these instruments. The Komplete Kontrol didn’t surprise me since it latches to the KK MIDI instance. All the Arturia’s are the big disappointment, as was the M-Tron Pro, which I love, and especially since the GForce Oddity2 worked.

Still, would definitely cast my vote for an upgraded version, along with maybe a new Houston 2!

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It has been a little while since anyone replied here, but I just thought I’d add that in Cubase 11.0.0 I found after some frantic and overly optimistic clicking that the AI knob will occasionally pick up a control in Arturia’s plugins after clicking on the control perhaps five or six times while turning the knob. It will then cease functioning when the mouse cursor moves away, which means most of the functionality appears to be in place and hopefully it’s only a small change that Arturia needs to make.

Anyways, I have raised the issue with Arturia and they did not have a record of anyone else contacting them about this issue. Get in touch with them about it so they can be made aware of the demand for a fix.