Need Cubase 6 LE license, someone?!

Need Cubase 6 LE, could someone provide it to me?!

(need it for my win xp 32bit system)

Cubase LE cannot be bought or sold, since it’s included in the purchase of certain devices.

thx 4 your fast response @steve but i am aware of this… its sold via print magazin included on DVD (ppvmedien january 2012)

So it is able to be bought (with or without device or magazine)

Could someone help me?!

Just so you know, there’s not really a legitimate way to buy or sell it.

Was it that the magazine did a promo that gave the program license to all who bought that issue of the magazine? I ask mostly out of curiosity.

You can buy Elements and higher (Artist, Pro)

If you can find a used license on a USB key, you will be able to run all previous versions of the software that runs under that license.

i.e., you buy Cubase Elements 11, you can run earlier versions of Elements.

I have seen this before, there is a unique activation code printed on a page of each magazine. I’ve only ever seen that on German manazines though. The CDs (remember CDs ?:laughing: ) were glued to the covers.

@BedroomProducer, do you just need the installation media? (i.e. you already have an activation code)

@steve : the answer of @MrSoundman is on the point (except it was a dvd :wink: )

@MrSoundman i need the whole package, i think, the program and the license…

That’s what I was thinking. I saw other products being promoted that way here in the USA (not Cubase) back in the day.

@BedroomProducer so if you need a license, what I was saying is how the situation stands.

So its sellable and totally legit!

Sure, I guess, if you find someone who saved that issue of the magazine! :rofl:

@steve thx :wink:

So, again: does someone got Cubase 6 LE and is willing to sell it to me ?!

I think someone would have to donate or sell you an unused activation code though. They usually came with hardware, most notably Zoom. Not everyone used these (one time) activation codes, printed on cards in the box, so there may still be a few out there in drawers somewhere.

I don’t know any way you could activate C6LE now, because the licsensing system has changed.


i am totally aware of the mentioned facts, so wish me good luck :wink:

To put it more bluntly, there are lots of eBay pirates out there who would sell you something, but then you’d find the activation code had already been used.

Apart from that, since the release of Cubase 12, any unused activation code which you might now activate would result in you getting a Cubase LE 12 license under the new Steinberg Licensing system, which does not allow use of prior versions. It’s not possible to use an activation code to license only an older version.

A bit of a puzzle. For the moment, don’t be tempted to part with money …

if your mentioned situation wilh happen, i will contact steinberg support asap.

So, could someone give me Cubase 6 LE as a gift?! :wink:


@MrSoundman : there is no puzzle, steinberg made it clear, no need 2 speculate :wink: btw for you: Cubase 6 LE licensing

Or is the helpcenter information outdated!? ( i doubt it)
Someone, who wants to provide me with Cubase LE 6, (please?!) :wink:

Beats me. Reading that would make one think that all you need is the installation media.

Have you contacted Steinberg support?

no need, coz the link is provided from steinberg helpcenter, why should i bother the support directly?!

u r welcome btw :wink: a simple question helped u but not me :wink:

Because this was your original question:

If anyone could, I’d imagine it would be Steinberg.

?!?! i doubt that Steinberg will send me a download link or even send me an installation media :wink: (i would be happy, if, but as mentioned: i doubt it ;))

but everything is possible, who knows :wink:

Do a forum search