Need DACs assigned to separate Steinberg I.D.s

I teach in a studio where students learn how to do mixing and mastering. We have three (3) activation codes or download access codes; I didn’t want to associate the code with a personal email address as the Steinberg ID, so I created a separate Steinberg ID to bind the licenses to it but realized it was giving some automatic self activation when ever the students launch the Cubase 12 Pro. I have deactivated all the licenses. I have created three (3) different Steinberg ID’s and I want each activation code to be associated with one Steinberg ID. The three (3) activation codes are currently redeemed to one email address but we want to remove two (2) activation codes and redeem it to the other two (2) created Steinberg ID’s.
Thank you for immediate response Sir.


Get in touch with your local Steinberg support, please.