Need help / advice about laptop

A bit of background first: I have been doing live webcast shows in Second Life for over 10 years using various versions of Cubase Pro on various desktop / audio+midi interface combos with very few issues. Live gigs have been a problem for me due to the amount of gear I would need to lug around. I finally managed to get my gig rig slimmed down to the point where I can think about taking my material out to real-world gig venues. Hooray! So I bought a copy of Cubase Elements and a Lenovo Edge E530 laptop with Windows 10 Pro.

My standard work method is to load up the set list before the start of each show and then activate each backing track in turn. This works 100% of the time on my desktop PC system. Did it work on the laptop? Not a chance :unamused:

After two weeks solid of reinstalling Windows, software and drivers many times over as well as replacing the memory, CPU and SSD and losing my Cubase Elements 9 license along the way during a rollback, I’m about ready to throw the laptop into the river and replace it with a cheapo desktop PC.

Laptop spec: Lenovo E530, i3 3110m CPU [had same issues with i5 3360m + i7 2630qm] 8gb PC3-12800 RAM, Kingston HyperX 480gb SSD, Windows 10 Pro.

Current audio + midi interface: Behringer X18

What happens in no particular order:

1] The Cubase GUI freezes up and task manager reports Cubase Elements as not responding even if it is running.
2] MIDI output activity goes sky-high.
3] Cubase Elements GUI freezes on loading a project.
4] Transport bar + GUI gum up if there is a fade in / out in the controller lane for Groove Agent SE4 - this is the only issue I was able to fix.
5] Random crashes on loading tracks.

Things I have done:

1] Loaded all Cubase Pro backing tracks into Cubase Elements and then saving them as Cubase Elements files.
2] Removing all MIDI fades on the drum track for Groove Agent SE4 and replacing them with volume fades for each part.
3] Removed all non-Steinberg plugins except for SpinAudio Roomverb which works OK on my Cubase Pro desktop.
4] Removed all Lenovo ‘bloatware’ and non-essential background utilities.
5] Added .cpr + .csh files to the exceptions list in Windows Defender.
6} Replaced Windows Defender with Bit Defender.
7] Raised a support ticket and sent in the last ten crash dumps.

FWIW these issues also happened when I installed Cubase Pro on my laptop. I bought Cubase Elements so that my home studio work would not grind to a halt if I lost or someone stole my gig laptop + dongle while ‘out on the road’.

Please do not suggest getting a Mac laptop unless you are prepared to pay for it. I don’t have that kind of money. Similarly do not recommend buying a Dell laptop as they ALWAYS fail the DPC Audio Latency test.

Update: uninstalled & reinstalled Cubase Elements 8 and… it made no difference :cry:

Fixed: did a Windows 10 refresh and reinstalled all software. Yay! Everything works now. It wasn’t half a brain ache and stress-o-rama along the way. :mrgreen: