Need HELP ASAP for record and playback in CUBASE Al 6

Hello, I use this for singing, no instruments. I’m needing help with how to set up my device ready for recording and playback. I have no idea what I’m doing with the settings and everything as well as what should be mono or stereo and which one to select as my device and stuff. Could someone please run me through steps on the best set up for recording from a mic to an instrumental track as the music? I can get it ready to record and my problem is my vocal/ mic, voice came through my earphones, but the music I’m singing to came through the laptop speakers. (They need to both come through the earphones so I can sing)… Then I also need to know how to set it back where they both come through the laptop speakers after recording for playback. Can someone please help asap?

Thank you. :question: :unamused:

What audio device are you using?
What mic?

I’m using ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver.
Is that what you meant?

OK…I guess that means you use the built in audio of the laptop as your audio device.
Which mic are you using…is this also one built in to the laptop or do you have a USB mic or something?

In the first instance I would download and install ASIO4all and select this as your Cubase driver.
Then with Cubase still open, you should be able to open ASIO4all control panel from the windows system tray and hopefully what you see in there will tell us if this is going to work! Unfortunately it’s not always that simple getting this working with built in audio.

If you are likely to do a lot of recording consider purchasing an audio interface and a proper studio mic.