need help bought cubase 6 need to be able to use 6.5

i know they stopped rolling out the update from v6 to .5 but others have said that if i buy cubase 7 then that license on my dongle will mean i can continue to use 6.5 once the trial runs out is this correct or is there another way.
in real need of an answer as the studio and all my projects run in that version and i only have 6!! :neutral_face:

Perhaps contacting Steinberg directly Or here in Australia we must contact our Yamaha Music dealership!

Is this what you are looking for?
You can buy the current license and use any lower version

thanks yeah only issue is i need a newer license to keep the .5 updates for longer than 24 hours which means another couple hundreed i have to spend on 7 etc, i tried contactin steineberg on the phone told me to come to the forum so i guess ill shoot them an email. any other iidea guys?!

If you can´t find a Cubasew 6.5 or Cubas 7(.5) or Cubase 8 update from Cubase 6, you need to update to 8.5, to be able to run Cubase 6.5.
Apart from that, I think C6 should be able to open C 6.5 projects - although I might be wrong