Need help choosing interface, UR44?

Hello all,

I’m looking for an audio interface and among the usual suspects the UR44 caught my attention.
I do have a few questions though, for which I could not find definitive answers, so hopefully someone will be able to help.

Difference between UR44 and UR44C. Is the only difference the USB-C port and 32-bit/192kHz on the UR44C vs. USB-A and 24-bit/192kHz on the UR44?

Mixing and DSP, can I set up channel mixing and effects (channel strip, say EQ and compressor) with the software and those settings are stored on the UR44, meaning I could run the interface stand-alone with Mic1, Line In5/6 and output to Line Out 3/4 while applying EQ/compressor to Mic1? No software needed once the DSP is setup? Does this apply for REV-X as well?

Is it correct that there’s no noise gate capability? Better to use external DBX286s instead of DSP?

I want to use it as a 2PC solution, one Mac, one Windows/Linux. I’d like to connect one via USB, the other via analogue and feed the Mic (Rode Procaster) back to both (USB and analogue). I do not plan to use any DAW for recording, this will be live for audio/video conferences (Skype and others)and playing games (Discord, in-game audio, some Twitch).

For mixing I stumbled across another forum post (I can’t link to it?) and this part got me confused: “The WDM playback device only outputs to “Mix 1”, and the WDM recording device only inputs from the “Mix 1” loopback.”.

Does that mean for the PC or Mac connected via USB, all audio from PC/Mac is put onto Mix1 (I assume via Bus1/2) and then send back to PC/Mac as well? While I could mix Mic1 into it, this also means all other audio (system sounds and games) are also returned? This makes little sense to me as everyone in a Skype call would hear their own voices. Is that assumption correct or am I reading this wrong? I’d like to receive audio from USB and listen to it on headphones and at the same time send voice only from Mic1 via USB back to PC/Mac.

I’m aware my requirements might be a little odd, but I’d like to get around using an analogue mixer with integrated audio interface or one with an additional external interface.

Maybe someone can help with me with this. For what it’s worth, the alternative would be a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 with DBX286s, but the UR44 seems like a nice, small one-box solution if I can make it work for me.

Thanks in advance, cheers!