Need help connecting Behringer BCF2000 to Cubase AI 10.5 on PC

Hi, I am kind of new to this and I am losing this battle now fo rweeks. All I want is to be able to use the BCF200 as a mixer nore or less. I dont use midi instruments at all right now but really just hate using a mouse to control volumes and other common track functions (mute, solo, pan, etccc)
I am using a PC with Windows 10.
Is there anyone out there who can walk me through the set up process on this and get me going?


Hello … I’m not at the PC at the moment so I’ll give you some brief information.

install the bcr driver, cubase will see it. after that you will have to go to the periphery and add a generic control surface.

be sure to select the BCR2000 in midi IN and OUT

now at the top of the window you can assign each encoder and button of the bcr with the “learn” function.

at the bottom of the window you assign what cubase should respond to when you tap a certain encoder. make sure you have the T and R flags (transmit and receive) the midi signals for each line, this way when you move through the channels the encoreds of the bcr will receive the status of the channel settings.

I will come home Thursday evening, if you want I can share my bcr 2000 setting. I use it in “selected channel” mode and I have configured the econder to control volume, eq and sends

bcr or bcf have the same configuration mode, so the configuration system is identical