Need help connecting Lemur XY controller to VST

I have the manual open and have been digging in the forums. Have not found anything that covers this exact issue.

I’d like to get Lemur XY controllers on iPad to control things like the “scope” XY function of Morph 2.0 or the XY tool in GRM Tools. I’ve set this up in Pro Tools, but I am newish to Nuendo and am a bit confused.

Lemur is talking to Nuendo, I can see it respond to movements on the Lemur XY controller.

I’ve assigned the XY paremeters, X-Fade and Morph Index to Nuendo Quick Controls.

I can not figure out how to get the Lemur XY controller to move the XY in Morph 2.0.

Any suggestions appreciated. References to videos, templates, manual pages, and forum posts would be great.


Mac OS 10.9.5
Nuendo 6.5.4
Lemur 5.2.2

I got this working by modifying Track and VST Quick Controls addresses to match the incoming signal from the lemur XY. Like I said, I am new here. Bear with me :slight_smile: