Need Help! DWM Composition, Aero not working (Solved)

Update: Scrap that! Found out the issue was this app called Air Display that caused issues with Aero, uninstalled it and it’s all fine now, I can start up Cubase 8

So I just updated to Cubase 8 and had no idea it needed Aero to run. I am on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, I cannot turn on Aero or to be specific, I cannot ‘Enable Desktop Composition’ within the visual effects tab as it is just not there. This is detailed in the Steinberg article regarding this problem. I have also switched to an Aero theme from right clicking desktop and personalize but I have no transparency and no way to enable it as well. Still doesn’t work no matter what.

I fear I may have to do a fresh install of Windows or upgrade to Windows 8 and start a new which I’d rather not. Anybody encountered this same issue and has a solution? I’m really desperate…