Need help exporting audio mix down in stereo on Cubase le AI elements 8


I really need some help solving this issue Im having with exporting multiple tracks for some live drums Ive recorded into one stereo track. It keeps exporting the tracks into one even (I would presume) mono track. This is not the desired outcome as Ive panned the cymbals accordingly and need to upload this stereo drum track into another corresponding project.

Ive made sure that all check boxes in the export menu that could potentially lead to this issue are unchecked. Ive also double checked the output busses and they are all set to the usual stereo setting. Im not sure what else it could be, although I am sure that its something small that Ive missed, as it always seems to turn out that way.

Any help would be much appreciated, really excited about this song!

Hi and welcome,

Most probably a stereo file is created, what is OK, I would say. Do you want to export 2 Audio files (Left- and Right-Channel)? Then enable L/R Channels in the Export Audio Mixdown window in the Audio Engine Output section (I hope your Cubase derivative has this function available).

f it doesn’t solve your use case, please share a screenshot of your Export Audio Mixdown window settings.

Ive tried that before and remember the problem being the same although now I had two tracks instead of one. Ill give it another go though just to be safe (fyi Ive tried all the settings in the export menu to test what they do and resolve the issue, though nothing worked).

To better explain the issue:
I have 10 tracks of live recorded drums, each track designated to a different drum etc etc and the cymbal tracks are panned to left and right respectively. All of these tracks are set to the same stereo output buss, per usual. When I play the track, it has all the pans, volume settings and EQ settings that have been set. I then do a basic audio mix down export with non of the the check boxes for other options marked. when I then import the finished track onto a corresponding project (i.e. the rest of the song with other instruments), the track is in stereo, but all the parts are centered. The volume settings and EQ all seem to be in place, but the panning is all centered. I know the track is in stereo because I can see left and right reading on the output meter, but BOTH are at the same volume levels for the entire track with no pans present.

Ill send a screenshot soon.


Could you attach the screenshot, please?

Maybe even a screenshot of your MixConsole, where we can see the panners and the routing.

Hope these help!


From the screenshots, it seems to be OK.

Do you import it back to the same project or to a new project? Can you hear it as “mono” even if you listen to it from any other player? Is it reproducible with any project?

I think that the left hand panel (channel selection) should be showing every audio, midi, folder track and not just stereo out. I don’t know if it is relevant.


This is Cubase Pro only, what you described. In Cubase Pro you can select, which channel do you want to export. In Cubase Elements/AI/LE, you can export only output channels. Therefore in this derivative you can see only output channels.

I import it back into another project. Its comes out mono despite having set panning.

You know what? It might be that the project file itself become corrupted somehow…maybe if I take the audio files and upload them to a fresh project slate.

yup, that did the trick!

Now my pans are set and Im getting stereo signal. I just have to move all of my other audio files to new project slates now so that I can avoid that error. Thanks for the help everyone!!!

I got confused when I would export a stereo audio file and it would appear in my project as a mono file or two mono files. After a lot of heartache
and frustration I tried importing the file I had exported and, wouldn’t you know it, it is a stereo file.
I think that is a solution, just check the exported file by importuning it back into the project although that seems like a huge and wrong waste of time.
Does work for me.