Need Help For PC hardware for music production in cubase

Hello guys

I need to introduce a computer hardware system for the cubase program and music production.
My budget for the system is $ 650.
The cubase software requires CPU and RAM with high frequency or higher RAM capacity and more cores.
What system do I need to make later in order to improve the system of harm.
I’m grateful if you have any suggestions on the various budgets.
Use Ryzen CPUs or not.
vst and plugins require a powerful graphics card, and for mixing, mastering and music production, there is a need for a graphics card or onboard graphics?
Thanks for helping someone.

No, neither Vst plugins nor Cubase require a high end graphics card. I just use the on board graphics card. Memory is more important. High frequency memory is not really required and makes little difference, more memory is important at least 16 gig IMO. The more tracks you use the more effects, the more space you will need in memory.