Need help, happy to pay someone to skype with me


As much as I appreciate this forum, I need to speak with someone. Would really appreciate receiving an indication of cost per hour (and in what currency) for someone proficient in LE5 (and in English) to skype with me - assistance required with a few issues, predominantly ‘resolve missing files’ and exporting in a format that can be imported into pro tools for my sound engineer to do the final editing.

Please respond by Private Message, also advising your time zone.


Hey anyone who needs more help than what the forum can provide, I just had real time help from forum member SteveInChicago and it was awesome! Resolved my issues, helped with a lot of questions and left me with lots of great tips I wouldn’t have thought to ask for. Made my life soooooo much easier. Really, really knows his stuff - nice guy, a muso, a teacher and a tech/Cubase geek…best combination you could ask for! Thanks Steve…you ROCK :smiley:

Yea I agree: But also checkout Cubase videos on Youtube
plus Club Cubase on Youtube. Great way to learn. :wink: :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Agree, though when I have specific problem and a deadline, I find it stressful to wade through videos where I’m not even sure if it is going to cover what I need, and there’s lots of other stuff not relevant. Perfect for when you have plenty of time to step through them all BEFORE you start your project and when there’s no deadline! :slight_smile: