Need Help License Upgrade cubase 12

My situation is kinda strange.
I had a cubase 6.5 pro license in an e-licenser that doesn’t work anymore.the information is also stored in mysteinberg account.
so i decided to purchase the upgrade for cubase 12 pro since it doesn’t need any dongle.
soon i found out i actually needed the dongle in order to activate so i purchased a new one and activated zero down time hoping i might be able to activate…
No luck.
now i’m stuck with a purchased upgrade and no way to activate it.
please help

Hi @Fabian_Basha - welcome to the forum!

When you say “no luck” - do you mean you’ve been unable to get the Cubase 6.5 license onto the USB eLicenser? or that the DAC doesn’t work? Could you provide a few more details?

I haven’t been able to move my license to the new doesn’t let me activate the upgrade.

Did you try the reactivation process?

Sorry But i am officially lost.The license for my cubase pro 6.5 that was stored in my broken e-licenser doesn’t show in my account anymore.meaning i haven’t been able to recover my 6.5 license in order to activate the upgrade.pleeeease help cause i feel lost here