Need help me to retrieve a license from my another acount


I have bought recently Steinberg UR22 sound card, that was bandled with Cubase AI 6 license.

I registered the license on my account, that I lost now.

Now I have another acount, but can’t register the license as it’s already in use by my lost acount.

Need help!


You will definitely need the help of Support or a Steinberg employee here on the forum. Hopefully, someone will reply to your thread but I would submit a Support ticket (the official way to get support).

thanks, jaslan.

Where can I submit a support ticket?

Through your new MySteinberg account.

That will be too obvious :slight_smile:

But I can’t find it there…

I’m looking in MySteinberg → MySupport (obviously) → I have 2 options:
1.Steinberg distributors

Where I can get the support from?

Hmmm … when I click on “MySupport” it takes me directly to the “Create support request” page.

Could it be a location thing, I wonder? Where are you located?

You might need to get support through your local distributor.

I’m from Israel.

Here is how MySupport looks like:

No official support for LE. e-mail with explanation.

Thanks, Nate.