Need help mixing guitars, using high pass, online videos?

Hi, Im new to the game of Cubase… I’m coming from garage band, and now trying to translate all my old preferred presets into cubase 6 language… One of my favorite effect to use on guitars and vocals was a "high pass in garageband… The only high pass i can find in Cubase is the one listed in the EQ below the bass end…it can be adjusted from 0 to 12.0, but I swear to god I cannot hear any difference during adjustment. In Garage band, the high pass made all the difference in my mixes… cutting out all the low end frequencies… what gives? is there another insert I should be using instead to do this?

Also, I would appreciate any and all tips that you guys have about mixing acoustic guitars… I know that every mix is different, But I’d love your tips! Additionally, Ive been searching recklessly on YouTube for personal tutorials for mixing in Cubase and can only find a tiny fraction of the information and instruction there was posted about garageband… I do get some personal training… but it gets pricey… any suggestions of where to find instruction/videos/training?
Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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re: ‘High Pass’ filters in C6.
page 160 of the manual will give you more info on this.

1-from the mixer click the 'E" button on any channel.
This brings up the Channel Settings window.

2-In the Equalizers section click the ‘eq1’ button
(lower left most) to activate it.

3-At the bottom part of that now active field you will see ‘Low Shelf II’

4-Clik and hold that field to reveal a pop-up.

5-From that pop-up you can select either “High Pass I or II”
and if you want, you can adjust the settings
in the main EQ window and then save that setting as a preset(s).