Need help on Cubase's Generic Remote and Novation Remote SL Mkii 49 (NRPN)

Hi there.

So the task is to configure my Cubase 11 Pro’s Generic Remote and Novation Remote SL mkii 49’s endless rotary encoder to work as a Decr/Incr Zoom-/Zoom+ command or (+1 Frame/-1 Frame), for example. AFAIK, the easiest way to do that is to program rotary encoder as NRPN and bind Zoom- and Zoom+ on CC 96 and CC 97 respectively, which are Incr/Decr CCs.

The problem is that I don’t completely understand how does it work. I can’t get MIDI #CC 96/#CC97 to be sent from controller to DAW for clockwise/counterclockwise encoder’s motion respectively, MIDI Monitor shows that only 98, 99 and 6 are being sent. What should I write in MSB/LSB for this? Is Novation Remote SL mkii 49 capable of sending Decr/Incr at all?

By the way, another idea was to create triggers for CC on their exact values. Remote’s rotary encoder is set to transmit -1 on counterclockwise motion (CC value is 63) and +1 on clockwise motion (CC value is 65), so it would be great to bind actions on EXACT values in Generic Remote, but looks like there is no such option in Generic Remote, just Max. Value and that’s it :frowning:

Any ideas? Any help is appreciated.

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