Need help! Selling my C12 license, do I need to give eLicenser to new owner?

I am very confused about this. I already received new Download Access Codes for C12 from Steinberg and C12 has been removed from my account, so that’s clear.

But what do I do with the USB-licenser? It contains the Cubase 11 (Upgraded etc.) license. So do I need to give that eLicenser to new owner as well? Can new owner use the eLicenser to use older Cubase versions? Or do I just sell the new Download Access Code to new owner?

Is the Cubase 11 license still present in your Steinberg account? I would have thought that it would also be removed together with the newer one. Maybe you need to perform the maintenance procedure in the eLCC to synchronize the licenses on the dongle with those in your account.

This is what I still have on my eLicenser. Do I now give this eLicenser to new owner? Can new owner use this eLicenser when I remove the eLicenser registration from my account?

What I want to know is, that when I give the new C12 DAC, do I also need to give this eLicenser to new owner, and can new owner use this eLicenser to use older Cubase versions as well?

I am super confused about this. Can you help @Martin.Jirsak or @steve ?

Is the Cubase 11 license also listed in your mySteinberg account or is it only present on the eLicenser? In the latter case it should go away as soon as you perform the maintenance action in the eLicenser Control Center.
If it’s actually still present in your account, then someone from Steinberg needs to have a look because in this case it’s still assigned to you and not to a new owner. So you probably can’t simply hand over the eLicenser .

C11 license is only on elicenser, and that eLicenser is still registered to my account, as I have not yet unregistered it since I don’t have a buyer yet.

I did maintenance just now and the license is still on eLicenser. This is just very confusing. I have no idea what to do.

If I just sell the C12 Download Access Code, can new user use that without the eLicenser Dongle?

I contacted the support. I have no idea what to do.

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Hm, that’s strange. Then you really need to wait for an official answer from Steinberg. Maybe @Ed_Doll can give some further information.

As far as I understood, the old license should stay on elicenser so you can use the older versions.

Yes, but in this case the old license should also be transferred to the account of the new user. The DAC you already received is probably only for Cubase 12 and doesn’t automatically include a license for the old licensing system. Maybe you need to request a separate license transfer for the (non-upgradable) Cubase 11 license. But I’m not sure. Therefore, I’d recommend to wait for an official answer.


Did you follow the Steinberg Resale Wizard, please?

Yes. I followed the Wizard, sent email to Steinberg to request for resale. C12 was removed from my account by Steinberg and received new Download Access Codes for C12 from Steinberg. So that part is clear.

But now I want to know what I need to do with my eLicencer? It still contains the C11 Upgrade License and cannot be removed. Does the new owner need that elicenser at all? or is it enough that I only give the new C12 DAC to new owner?

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No. See which includes the following at the bottom of the page.

Can I upgrade or update the “Upgraded to…” license on my eLicenser?

No, that is not possible. The license became a final eLicenser license that cannot be altered in any way. The only purpose of the old “Upgraded to…” license is to allow backwards compatibility.

Can I sell the “Upgraded to…” license?

This is not allowed as with any other license update/upgrade, the initial license is still part of your entitlement to use the latest software version - this time with the benefit of having two licenses split across two license management systems.


If you want to sell your Cubase 12 and you came from the eLicenser world (aka Cubase 11 or older), the USB-eLicenser should be part of the package to provide to the buyer. As you can delete the USB-eLicenser from your MySteinberg account yourself, there is not much else to consider. The buyer can register the USB-eLicenser on his/her account once the registration has been removed from your account.

I closed the ticket as it’s been answered here.