Need Help Setting Up Artist 11

I am having issues getting sound in Cubase 11 Artist. I purchased a license two years ago, had hardware issues and never got it up and running. I’m back with a different machine.

I am using a Windows 10 laptop, 64 byte. I am connecting with a Focusrite solo input device. And my midi controller is Arturia, two different sizes. I am only attaching one at this time.

My problem is I do not understand the hardware, specifically the output. Does this refer to the Focusrite unit or my laptop speakers? Input makes sense – the Focusrite unit as it is the source to input content from various devices. But output – I am not at this time using my auxiliary speakers (Presonus Eris 3.5) so for now, all the sound will be generated by my laptop speakers…I need a more capable power strip.
As you can see, I am not versed in the mechanics of the software and the processes.

Here is what I’ve done so far…

Audio System: ASIO4ALLv2 is the driver I selected (I installed it separately) but other drivers were listed in the drop-down: Focusrite Thunderbolt AS10, Focusrite USB ASIO, Generic Low Latency ASIO.

STUDIO > Audio Connection: INPUT: ASIO4ALL v2
L – HD Audio Mic Input 1
R – HD Audio Mic Input 2
(this was auto added and there were no other options from a dropdown)

OUTPUT > No preset selected

L – 2nd output with SST1
R – 2nd output with SST2

Windows MIDI /IN/ Arturia Mini LAB – active
Windows MIDI /OUT/ Arturia Mini LAB – inactive
Windows MIDI /OUT/ Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth – Active

Since I have no sound – something is not right. I’ve watched videos on YouTube but they gloss over the input/output settings. Please advise.

PS - I posted a question here recently and did not realize the response went to SPAM, I am now aware of this possibility in getting response from this forum. Sorry!

What is “this” in the sentence above?
If you are using your Focusrite Solo audio interface, then inputs and outputs need to be connected to your Solo. In other words, you have to choose between your onboard audio interface (that connects to your laptop speakers and built-in microphone etc.) or your Focusrite Solo. There are some tricks to using 2 different audio interfaces at the same time on the same Windows machine, but I can’t personally recommend it to you at this stage.

This is a universal ASIO driver that can be used if your interface does not have a proprietary driver. The Focusrite Solo does have its own ASIO drivers so I strongly recommend you use that instead.

Thanks for responding. The “THIS” to which I refer is OUTPUT. In setting this up, is the output source from the Focusite or my laptop? Perhaps it is non-specific and just refers to any output and not how the content is output? I didn’t see any options to select my onboard (laptop) sound when trying to set this up, only Focusrite gear. I recall from a few years ago that my computer spakers were listed from the drop down menu when I was setting up the program. Shouldn’t my RealTek Audio be listed as an option?

No, it shouldn’t. Cubase requires audio drivers in the ASIO format. RealTek sound cards doesn’t come with any ASIO drivers. To overcome this, you can either use the Generic ASIO drivers that installs with Cubase or use the 3rd party driver ASIO4All.
The best and most stable performance will come from using the proprietary AISO driver from Focusrite. But then of course you can’t use your laptop speakers.

I do not understand the science behind the software/computer. I’m trying to set this up by following exactly a video I found on Cubase setup (two years old) by Sweetwater. Apparently the screens are different between the version Sweetwater is accessing and my Artist 11. I will attach screenshots of three different setup screens. Something isn’t hook up right? Could you please tell me what I need to change? Thanks.

Start Cubase and then press F4 and setup the audio in and outputs.

If you haven’t already, read through the chapters about Audio Connections in the manual.

But just to be clear, you can’t use both your Focusrite interface and your RealTek interface at the same time. So if you intend to use the Focusrite one, you need to connect speakers or headphones to it.

Looks like I better hook up my speakers fast! Thanks

Thanks. Looks like I will have to hook up the speakers sooner than I had intended. I need a power strip for more plugs.

Got sound. Thanks.